Supply Chain

1) This assignment is very important work so I need to get a good mark otherwise I will fail in this module,

2) Please have look to all lecture notes attached

3) I will upload all the document and materials for this assessment

4) Based on the Multi-Media case; MELROSE Textiles,

  • Construct an ITO for MELROSE
  • Map the process for order fulfilment including manufacture of a typical rug product at MELROSE
  • Construct an upstream and downstream supply network diagram for MELROSE.




Short video explaining Melrose’s product range.


Click here to watch the process tour…


5) I will upload

  • Melrose 1
  • Suppliers & customers copy
  • Melrose overview (1) copy
  • Melrose Brands copy


NOTE: Read the criteria carefully and follow the instruction and if you have any question contact me at anytime.







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