1. Use only this article ( case study) to relate your answears to this paper! ( also you can use amedments to support you decision, but make sure its only about New York rights)


    In answering questions consider yourself as a judge hearing the case; outline all issues, explore the positions on BOTH sides ( parent and a child) and indicate your decision on the case. This is for children rights of NEW YORK!!

    This is the case on which the paper will be based on:
    Richard is 16 years old, and will begin his senior year at Brooklyn High School in September. He is a member of the basketball team as well as the editor of the of the senior yearbook.he has a small business in graphic design and takes courses on Saturday at a local museum art studio. huntington University has invited Richard to take early admissions and would like him to begin courses at the University in the Spring Term. He would receive his hight school diploma, but if he wanted to attend the graduation ceremonies, he would have to attend the June ceremony.

    Concerned about Richards welfare, his parents have demanded that he not accept early admission. They feel that he is too young, and that he should enjoy his participation on the basketball team and his work as editor of the yearbook. In addition, they have told her that him graphic design business and courses at the art studio would have to end if he takes early admission. Richard has stated that he would like to take early admission, but since his business and art courses are important to him he would not want to give them up. He needs the money he earns for college and various other needs. He spends approximately 30 hours a week working at his business and various other activities and does not believe they will interfere with his ability to complete his high school subjeake early admission.

    QUESTIONS this paper must answer:
    What are Richards rights in this situation?
    What are Richard parents rights in this situation?
    May the school withhold the transcript effectively blocking his early admissions?
    May Richards parents take steps to take away his income?


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