Switzerland Environmental system.

Also, explain thoroughly what are the laws and conventions that were passed and established by the swiss government to maintain and keep a clean environment.
what kind of acts they do like recycling how they deal with dumping of wastes how they clean water-waste. how strong and effective the swiss law that citizens are abiding by it.
and then in a separate section write about the the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
when was it established, what does it do? how can other countries benefit from it or learn from it? do they offer internships of jobs for foreigners
NOTE: you must divide the paper into three subheading… 1- What makes switzerland a pioneer country in environmental law.
Environmental laws and acts followed by the swiss givernment and
the last one which is about the IUCN
and finally write a section about your opinion of how great the overemotional in Switzerland is and how did they achieve this level
write the paper from a legal point of view as it’s for a law class!! this is very important.


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