☺️Please look for the course outline for instruction (Outline 1 & Outline 2). This is written Critical Response task. I have break down the task objectives into 4 parts, correct me if I’m wrong.

1. How Speech is used in narratives(the plot), why speech and conversation are important in a store? (please use the docs "speech and conversation from p76-96, to answer this question, and why elements are important, how Stephens use speech and conversation technique in the text, discuss this skill.

2,Analyze two well-known Australian author’s use of the narrative element.

a. Refer to the books from the doc attached (Possum Magic by Men Fox), discuss how Men Fox use speech and conversation in the text. Contrast with Stephan’s context (speech and conversation), compare how are them different, and discuss the differences, and how they apply these skill in the text differently.

b. Please choose an other book (well-known Australian author’s use of the narrative, please be aware to choose right age group, 3 years old children) and compare with Stephen’s context.(after you found the book, do the same as in a)

3, How you would create a lesson on this topic. Relate to the topic of speech and conversation, what is the learning outcome, discuses how to use of speech and conversation leads to good learning outcome?

4, link your lesson to the syllabus, refers to the NSW English K-10 syllabus, discuss why we want student to learn this


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