Synthesize literature works on influence of personality on consumer behavior

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This assignment is designed to enhance the learners’ ability to synthesize literature related to influence of personality on consumer behavior.



You are required to synthesize literature works on influence of personality on consumer behavior. Your assignment should have the following details:

  • Introduction(15 marks)

Overview of the topic chosen.

  • Literature Review (40 marks)

Although there is no definite format for a literature review section, a typical review generally includes the following discussions:

–           The prevailing theories related to the study

–           Recent and current research studies relevant to the study

–           The gap between existing theories and research and the research under study

–           Implications of those theories and research findings and how they provide justifications to your study

–           Methodological issues related to the study

You are required to review journal articles that are directly related to personality on consumer behaviour. All these articles preferably from peer-reviewed journals.

  • Discussion on how the chosen topic will affect consumer behaviour in Bahrain (30 marks)
  • References (15 marks)

References should adhere strictly to APA style, and must appear in a Reference List.



Marks Distribution   (100)

      Marking Dimensions  
  1. Introduction
  1. Literature Review
  1. Influential factors affecting decision making
  1. Overall organisation and completeness of literature review and proper referencing according to APA style.
Total  Marks 100

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