Tamworth Country Music Festival Case Analysis

Tamworth Country Music Festival Case Analysis
Please answer the following questions (maximum 1,500 words). Mark your answers clearly (i.e., Question 1 xxxxx; Question 2 xxxxxx).
This is NOT an essay so it is unnecessary to provide an introduction or conclusion. You could use bullet points to organise your discussion.
Provide a reference list at the end of your answers (not included in the word count).
1. A range of different stakeholders are involved in the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Discuss their relationships with the event and importance to the success of the event. How could the event ensure success with its stakeholders? (15%)
2. What are the key factors that explain the growth to date of the Tamworth Country Music Festival? What factors may have inhibited the growth to date of the Tamworth Country Music Festival? Consider the likely challenges and growth accelerators going forward, and recommend a strategy to the event. (15%)


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