Tasmania’s principle exports (of value added goods)

Assessment task: Tasmania’s principle exports (of value added goods)


In this essay, you have to cover the following views in this report:

  • Collection of market intelligence methods for international market use (e.g. you will discuss how the Tasmania government support its export and analyze Tasmania market)


  • Review of current business performance and capability of Tasmania’s exports (e.g. you have to provide:
  • WHY export is successful and WHY did that happen?
  • WHO was involved?
  • WHAT are the exports (e.g. from different industries, such as zinc, aluminium, beef… )?
  • WHERE did the products export to?
  • WHEN it starts (WHEN did it happen)? And,
  • HOW?


  • Review of effectiveness of Tasmania’s (public and private) international marketing or positioning


  • Conduct an evaluation of specific international markets that Tasmania has exported to (e.g. Tasmania advantages, such as has high quality control, unique natural environment, clean products and high degree skills, etc. You can take red wine and milk powder as examples, these goods are being exported to China).


  • You are expected to focus on Tasmania export and around 5 Ws to brainstorm.


The format is:

  • Context and issues
  • Present situation
  • Analysis and Critique
  • Conclusion
  • Reference


(You can use “Australian Bureau of Statistics” for the latest data research)


***I have already done introduction, so ignore the introduction and directly go to the main body***


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