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Please follow the instructions shown on the problems list in terms of formatting/arranging your submission. Please review the included “sample” question for guidance as to what the end-product might look like. While there is no right or wrong "length" or style for your submission, the questions and related solutions should be presented logically and in ascending numerical order. Your solutions (Arguments and Authorities) should contain appropriate references to your supporting materials (both primary or secondary sources). Important! You must provide a copy of at least one case, statute, ruling, etc. you located on CCH IntelliConnect/RIA Checkpoint as part of your submission (more than one is better but don’t get carried away – I don’t want fifteen pages of supplements). I will use this item(s) as evidence you have mastered or at least learned some basic functionality with the CCH IntelliConnect/RIA Checkpoint system, including how to save a document to Word (cut and paste is fine too) for inclusion in your submission. In other words, I do not simply want you locating supporting documents on the Web (e.g. Google) as many sources of "tax" information are highly suspect and not very accurate or reliable. Aside from this requirement, simply provide the requested information in a logical and readable form.
Just give a screen shot for the located on CCH "IntelliConnect/RIA Checkpoint"


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