Tax return question

In 2014, Micah Johnson (SSN 000-22-1111) is employed as a manager and incurs the following unreimbursed employee business expenses:

Airplane and taxi fares                                                     $4,000

Lodging away from home                                                  $5,000

Meals while away from home                                             $1,000

Automobile expenses (related to 100% of the

use of his personal automobile):

Gasoline and oil                                                              $8,500

Repairs                                                                         $1,000

Insurance                                                                     $900

Depreciation                                                                  $1,775

Parking and tolls (includes only business use)                       $100

Total                                                                            $22,275


Johnson receives a $7,800 reimbursement for the travel expenses. He did not receive any reimbursement for the auto expenses. He uses his personal automobile 80% for business use and placed his current automobile in service on October 1,2010. Total business miles driven during the year (evenly throughout the year) amount to 26,400, his commuting miles in 2014 amount to 2,000 (average daily roundtrip of 7 miles), and other personal miles amount to 4,600 miles. Johnson’s AGI is $60,000, and he has no other miscellaneous itemized deductions.

a) Calculate Johnson’s expense deduction using the 2014 Form 2106 (Employee Business Expenses) based on actual automobile

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