What is the protocol that determines an IP address for a known MAC address? 

; What is the largest total size an IP packet can be?

; What is the necessary subnet mask for the Class-B network with the network ID of 135.210, where the subnet-id is 8 bits? 

; ; What determines whether the destination IP address is inside or outside of the local network?

; If I had a network with 4 computers, where 3 had a single network interface, and the last one had 2 network interfaces to provide a gateway to another network, how many IP addresses would I have to supply for the 4 computers? (And why?) 

; What is the IP address for “loopback”? 

; If I have developed a new type of network interface device – one that uses a new wireless technology, which layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite would I need to modify to support it?;

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