Teacher reflection

Teacher reflection
As you become familiar with ‘best practice’ curricular, pedagogical and assessment strategies for teaching young people in junior secondary you may begin to construct responses to each of the following questions. Each response must be approximately 750 words in length. Please support your ideas with references to the literature. 1. Based upon what you have learnt about young adolescents in the middle years of schooling, outline and justify an appropriate philosophy/approach for teaching young people in junior secondary. Use one of your teaching areas when responding to questions 2, 3 & 4. You are not required to use the same teaching area for all three responses. 2 .Explain how you would engage young people. 3. Explain how you would target higher order thinking skills whilst supporting a range of learning needs and abilities. 4. Explain how you would attempt to create an inclusive, supportive learning environment regardless of race, culture, gender or socio-economic background of the students.
The teaching area is computer education

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