team policy paper DRAFT

this is a group project about housing policy and we made an outline as a group. each member will have to extend their part they did in the outline. i covered the rapid rehousing policy part in the end of the outline which is "Rapid re-housing development data shows that when federal funds are available and local government participate, there is a significant decrease in homeless population. Rapid re-housing policy is the most effective, versus transitional housing and shelters, in helping families, individuals, youth, veterans, and so on who are dealing with homelessness. This is a fast and efficient way to get them off the streets and into homes, not just for short term, but long-term as well. However, small cities may reap the benefits of this policy if they collaborate with their neighboring cities for resources and finances. Educating the community and local authorities about starting such a policy will not only reduce overall homelessness, but improves provider-consumer interactions, increased housing stability, and saves money." so just extend my part in the outline with more evidence and supporting ideas.


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