Tencent Company Acquire Supercell Company

Acquiring Company Name and Country: Tencent Company (China)
Target Company Name and Country: Supercell Company (Finland)

For this project, you will need to include the following:
1. Business Description (Acquirer)
A business description of the acquiring company, which includes a description of where the company operates, its products and/or services and a brief, but meaningful, financial summary addressing important performance measures.

2.Globalization process (Acquirer)
A description of the company’s globalization process prior to the acquisition. This section should include the benefits to the company of globalization and the new risks they face and how these have been addressed. (Chapter 1, Textbook: Fundamentals of Multinational Finance. Moffett Stonehill Eiteman, Edition V, Pearson, 2015)

3. The Acquisition
What are some of the benefits, risks and other implications arising from the recent acquisition? (Chapter 17) This section should address the following elements:
a. Business description of the target company (same is in 1. above; include financial overview of the target company to the extent that numbers are available)
b. How does the acquisition fit into the acquiring company’s corporate strategy? (Chapter 1)
c. Political risk of the country that the target company operates in (Chapter 16). (How does this differ from the aquirer’s?)
d. Brief economic profile of both countries (incl. exchange rate policy and trend)

* Chapter 1, 16, 17 use Textbook: Fundamentals of Multinational Finance. Moffett Stonehill Eiteman, Edition V, Pearson, 2015

* This is a group project, I don’t need to write the conclusion, you just need focus on these three parts.


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