Terry Bennett MD vs New Hampshire Board of Medicine

This has to be a 3 page paper that answers the following two questions:
1.  In the cases of Drs. Bennet and Smith, identify the source(s) of law with which each is involved.  (Refer to Chapter 2 of your textbook to understand the three sources of law. For this question, please remember the following:
• “Common law” is law stemming from a prior judicial decision. Does the court in either reference common law (or not)? Is either case common law itself?
•  “Administrative law” is the law involving agency or board rules/regulations. Are there any agency or board rules/regulations involved in either or both cases in this question (or not)?
• “Constitutional law” is the law of the US Constitution, such as the First Amendment, Second Amendment, etc. This law involves only the specific provisions of the US Constitution itself. How might the US Constitution be involved (or not) in one or both cases in this question?
•  “Statutory law” is law made by the legislative branch. Is a legislative statute invoked (or not) in one or both of the cases presented here?
Explain your answers.
2.  How do you think each of the physicians handled their respective situations?  Should they be professionally disciplined?  Is this a legal or ethical issue?  Why?
I have attached all necessary documents.


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