Testing Protocol

No references required
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Make the following outline protocol sound more scientific and credible;
Product Mandibular Advancement device
Made from Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Evatane 28-05 exact material used
Shelf life of raw material 2 years
Shelf life of manufactured product estimated to 2 years also
How do we monitor / test our device at the 3rd month, 6th month, 12th month
Assign 10 samples from each manufactured batch (20,000 units produced each batch) to be retained in temperature and humidity regulated environment temp 20 c plus or minus same for humidity average level
All product measured for average wall thickness, weight, density, and recorded against master data.
3 months test repeat all measurements plus destructive test on one sample to measure water content, density and EVA ratio to confirm stability
6 month test repeat above
12 month test repeat above
18 month test repeat
24 month test repeat

Remaining samples retained in long term storage


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