The Attention Economy : Labour, Time, and Power in Cognitive Capitalism " by Claudio Celis Bueno

The assignment is to read some of chapter two Value from the text The Attention Economy. Read the second section of the chapter only. That section is The Notion of Valorization Information. When you get to the section Immaterial Labour and the Information Content of the Commodity stop.


In the reading, the author states “Fixed capital, in the form of machines, becomes the ruling power of the productive process, while rendering living labour as its mere subordinate, its appendage.”

With that quote in mind, read the following article from the Financial Times:

Wearables at work: the new frontier of employee surveillance

Now, answer the following two questions: (1) how do ‘wearables at work,’ that are used to monitor employees, amplify the idea of living labour as subordinate to, an appendage of, machines [aka technology, media]? (2) What are the ethical implications of such monitoring media?


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