The Commentary Essay

The Commentary Essay
Choose an article from an established news source and have it approved by your instructor. Please avoid crime, shootings, celebrity news, and hot button political issues! Write your essay according to the following guidelines:

Introduction (1 paragraph)

Begin with an in-text citation, introduce the article the author(s) and the

title and, using a reporting verb, summarize the main finding or key


Example of in text citation and reporting verbs:

In his/her article ( “title”), (_author’s name), argues/ claims /reports/ contends /maintains/states, etc) (author’s main idea or argument).

Use The EPIC format to write the body .

Explain ( 2 paragraphs)
Read your article thoroughly and highlight all the major points, then write a detailed explanation of the article. (Who, what, where, when, how, etc). This should come directly from the article and be as factual as possible.
Position (1 paragraph)
Take a firm position on the article; his can be a positive, negative, or a mixed response. This should be at least one paragraph and you must provide solid reasoning for your position.

Inform (1 paragraph)
Use your personal knowledge and experience to support your position. You should provide information from the article as added support and use MLA style in text citations.
Conclusion (2-3 sentences)
Using a summary transition, clarify your statements and bring your commentary to a conclusion.


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