The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 prohibits

Question Question 1 The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 prohibits ________. Answer threatening to damage computer systems in order to extort money or other valuables the use of encoded chips to provide access to companies’ confidential information accessing company e-mail or other such confidential information from public computers contracting with consultants outside the United States to process key information gaining access to voice-related communications for investigation or any other purpose .2 points Question 2 A mass cyber attack occurred in a country when it took severe actions against a group of citizens who protested the country’s policies. The attack involved a denial-of-service in which selected sites were bombarded with traffic to force them offline. This is an example of ________. Answer hot backing up cyberbullying logic bombing cybersquatting cyberterrorism .2 points Question 3 Robert receives a mail which says he has won an online lottery worth $50 Billion. Robert was wondering how he could win it without even buying the lottery. It was a spam mail intended to obtain the bank account details and the credit card number of Robert. Such attempts to trick financial account and credit card holders are called ________. Answer phishing spim hacking tunneling logic bombing cyberterrorism .2 points Question 4 Which of the following acts have made it a crime to break into any electronic communications service including telephone services? Answer the USA Patriot Act the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act the Electronic Communications Privacy Act the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act .2 points Question 5 Organizations periodically have an external entity review the controls so as to uncover any potential problems in the controls. This process is called ________. Answer information modification a recovery point objective analysis a recovery time objective analysis an information systems audit risk analysis .2 points Question 6 An organization does not implement countermeasures against information threats; instead it simply absorbs the damages that occur. This approach is called ________. Answer risk acceptance risk rescheduling risk reduction risk mitigation risk transference .2 points Question 7 Albitrex Systems is an Asian software consulting firm which develops solutions for companies in the United States and Europe. The company is heavily dependent on Internet for transporting data. The company wants to ensure that only authorized users access the data and that the data cannot be intercepted and compromised. Which of the following would be most helpful to the company in achieving this goal? Answer disaster recovery planning hot backing up spam filtering open transmitting tunneling .2 points Question 8 An organized attempt by a country’s military to disrupt or destroy the information and communication systems of another country.Which of the following terms best represents such attacks by a country? Answer logic bomb cyberwar Web vandalism Internet hoaxing cyber terrorism .2 points Question 9 ________ are false messages often circulated online about new viruses earthquakes ; kids in trouble; cancer causes; or any other topic of public interest. Answer Internet hoaxes Logic bombs Cookies Malware Honeypots .2 points Question 10 Which of the following refers to the practice of deliberately causing emotional distress in the victim? Answer cyberboating cyberstalking cybersquatting cyberbullying bot herdering

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