The economic systems of Brazil and its rise and fall of economic performance over the last 2 decades

Avoid writing: I, we, you, me, us, ours, etc.


6 Sections:

-The abstract (the summary of the entire paper) should be written after finishing your paper and must be placed on Page 1 of your paper.

The following elements must be included:

-purpose of the study, research problem(s) investigated;

-the basic design of the study;


-and, a brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions.

-Introduction: includes your reason for the interest in the topic (what’s the importance?), its relevance with some examples of the issues (select issues from your reading), reason for this topic related, clear objective statement of your paper, layout the plans for the remain sections

The following elements must be included:

-Importance& the topic,

-Selected based on issues that you have read in reading resources (make sure to give proper citations)

-Reason for this topic related

-Objective statement very clear

-Layout the plans for the remains sections

-Literature Review: (it should be at least 3-4 paragraphs which at least 4-5 includes scholarly articles Well written methodology and analysis.)

This section should include your study on this area published in different literature. You may sub-divide this section into different categories of areas you have studied and summarize the findings in your own critical words. Providing proper citations are very important in this section.

-Method of Analysis: This section will include the appropriate approach of your analysis of the paper in the next section. This approach could be qualitative, quantitative, or both depending on your time and resource constraints to take the right approach. This methodology will clearly state the model structure you will be using and how you will collect data/information with sources (primary or secondary and why). You will also justify your approach you have taken, given other alternatives you could have.

The following elements must be included:

-the relevant variables & how they are related to explain

-quantitative or qualitative research or both? Why?

-sources of data (primary or secondary) & what kind of specific data

-country case study

-Analysis: Based on your approach mentioned in the previous section, this section will be main contents of your paper. This section will cover your data/information, analytical approach, tables, graphs, etc.

-Conclusion: Your findings in the Analysis section will give you clue to draw the conclusion very briefly, which will also include your own remarks explaining how you have fulfilled your objectives in your Introduction Section at the outset.

Here is the list of referencesin the end of your paper.


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