The effect of caffeine on reaction time.

An IA is the same version of lab report, but requires more detail, this is due to it being an IB higher level task.

Below I will add a document showing all my work so far, in addition to the I will show you my test on one of my classmates, please use this as reference to discuss and conclude the given results from the participants reaction time.

The document also explains the procedure and the significance of the presentation of the results posted below.

Please use the following research question:

The results will be posted in order:

0.00 caffeine

1.00 caffeine

2.00 caffeine

3.00 caffeine

4.00 caffeine

Use the results from the corresponding caffeine dosage and create additional improvised results, this is not necessary but it is very helpful if you add two more participant results similar to those of the original participant.

Use the data given from me and hopefully improvised by you and present the averages in a table like style.

with those , please create a graph that will display the data presented in a proper manner, also use standard deviation and percentage uncertainties. and use the data for discussion, analysis and conclusion.

in addition to that please add to the information that I already have and improve it.

Thank you in advance.


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