The effect of statistics anxiety

Research Design and Sampling Homework –Article Critique


Use the article “The effect of statistics anxiety on students’ predicted and actual test scores” (2009) by Hanna and Dempster, published in The Irish Journal of Psychology, 30(3-4), 201-209, to answer the following questions.

  1. In presenting the rationale for their study, the authors argued that their study was needed because of a gap in the research, i.e., “There has been little focus on statistics anxiety in psychology students” and “There have been no published studies examining statistics anxiety in Irish or UK psychology students utilizing the STARS.”

First, explain why their rationale was inadequate in justifying the need for their study. Then indicate what type of additional information they should have included to strengthen the rationale.


  1. How did the authors use the review of literature to help support their research questions and research hypotheses?


  1. What type of research design was used in this study? Support your answer.


  1. What potentially extraneous factors could have affected the results of the study and why do you think so? Which of these did the authors attempt to control and which potentially extraneous variables did they fail to address?


  1. What type of sampling procedure did the authors use for obtaining participants (and how did you determine this)? What additional information about the sample or sampling procedure would be helpful in assessing potential generalizability of the results?


  1. Given the substantial attrition of participants in the study, what concerns are there regarding external validity of the findings?


  1. Was the sample size in the study adequate? Why or why not? Your discussion should address issues related to both statistical power and representativeness of the sample.


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