The Extra Credit

The Extra Credit is a Paper or project form the Syllabus, which is posted on the Syllabus page in Blackboard: It says

1. Extra Credit project: You may complete one of these for extra credit points. a. the Global Marketing Organization Paper; b. the “Newspaper” Paper; or, c. Marketing or Business Specific Academic Service Learning Project. If you plan to do Academic Service Learning, you must let me know by Monday, Feb. 14, so we have time to identify an service agency for you. The project is worth 20 points added to the final examination grade.

There is more explained in the Syllabus, pp. 4-5, about the project paper, explaining the choices, the marketing global paper, the newspaper and service learning. It is too late now to choose to do service learning, so the extra credit project can be A. the global marketing paper or B. the paper about a newspaper article related to a Marketing topic.


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