The Fair Work Act represents a dramatic shift awayfrom Work

Choices- or does it? Discuss. Explain the unfair dismissal provisionsof the Fair Work Act – including the adverse action sections- and examine why employers link unfair dismissal legislation with employment levels. Explore the various overt and cov ert manifestations of employee dissatisfaction at work and explain what managers can do to both minimise their occurrence and address them when they do
OCCUl’. Compare and contrast the Federal Government’s IR policies with those ofthe Opposition. Which is ‘best’ and for whom? Define and discuss the role of employer associations and compare and contrast the services provided by employer associations with those provided
unionsto their members. Are emtployer associations merely unions for employers? Discussthe reasons put forwar forthe decline in union membership in re cent times and inv estigate the various reasons why people join unions and the likely consequencesto employers – and
managers – if this decline in union membership continues. Our text book is: Bray,.M, Waring, P and Cooper, R 2011., Employment Relations: Theory and Practice,2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, Sydne y. Please use it as one of the reference, and please check out the feedback sheet and some ofthe ppt slices.

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