The Fakebook Generation

Here is the link to the topic: ( Title: the fakebook generation by Alicia Mathias)

Please read this link above as the thesis will be coming from the link provided. After reading the link, please read the instructions on how to write the thesis.
Be sure to list the author and title of the essay you are analyzing. Your thesis should be analytical (your judgment of the author’s argument), arguable (your thesis should generate discussion – it should not be a fact, but a point that needs to be proven), and specific (avoid vague language such as "in many ways"). Review this handout over the Thesis Statement (I have attached the statement). For more information on the thesis statement, visit the Harvard College Writing Center.Link (Links to an external site.)

When reviewing your thesis, consider the following:

• Ask: is your emphasis on the argumentative strategies the writer uses?

• Focus on the argument, NOT the subject being discussed.

• Make sure that it is NOT a restatement of the author’s thesis. • Your thesis should NOT be a summary of the article.

• Your thesis should NOT be a fact or detail from the article.

• Is it analytical? Arguable? Specific? Does the thesis take a stand and generate discussion?

Use this formula to start building a thesis: Author + Title + specific rhetorical strategies/argumentative tactics + arguable stance on the effectiveness of the argument


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