The Guatemalan Truth Commission

The Guatemalan Truth Commission
Main book
Almqvist, J. & Esposito, C. (2011). The Role of Courts in Transitional Justice: Voices from Latin America and Spain. New York: Routledge.
A research paper on the issue of: The Guatemalan Truth Commission. The paper must be no less than 10 pages (cover & bibliography pages do not count), computer-typed and double space on letter size paper, APA style ( with no less than five references.
1. Choose one aspect of the Guatemalan Truth Commission and explore how the Commission accounted for; a) the root causes of violence, b) the goals set up by the Truth Commission, c) who the victims and perpetrators were (i.e. political party) and, d) the outcome of the Report, and d) the development of Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt’s legal case.
2. Make sure that you include a brief discussion about, 1) the sources of violence, 2) the mechanisms of violence committed during regimes of terror, and 3) the aftermath of violence, and the lasting impact of Truth Commissions’ overall accomplishments.
3. Include in your essay, 1) an introduction, 2) Cold War context, 3) discussion of your findings, and 4) a conclusion.
4. Bibliography must be APA style. Please visit JJAY’s Library Web Site to learn about this bibliographical style (it has a great and easy ppt. on APA).
5. Some recommendation to write your paper: (a) Provide an analysis of the readings / book, not a description. But provide enough information so that someone who has not read it is not lost. This is an art, and difficult.
(b) Be critical – even if you end up agreeing with the author and liking the reading. Perhaps this means being critical of others…
(c) Make an argument! The argument will be based on:
a. Statement of the author’s purpose
b. Assessment of how well the purpose is achieved
c. Evidence supporting your assessment
(d) Base your argument on what is there, not on what you wish were there.
(e) Quote with care.
(f) Structure your paper with a brief introductory and concluding paragraph. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!  

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