The History of Love

  In a 900-1500 word essay (3-5 pages), address one of the following prompts. Provide an argumentative thesis, one that reflects your interpretation of the text, and organization to develop that thesis. Support your claims with textual evidence-include quotations from the text, in MLA format. Text: The Novel of “The History of Love” by Nicole Krauss 1. Leo Gursky states, “A hundred things can change your life. And for a few days, between the time I received the letter and the time I went to meet whoever had sent it, anything was possible” (233). Explain the function of this passage as it relates to the broader context of the novel. Avoid plot summary; instead, offer your analysis. 2. In last week’s response to the novel, one of your peers made the claim that rather than being about “The History of Love,” this novel is largely about the history of loss. Argue for or against this assertion. Whether you support or refute this claim, be sure to explain the significance of yours.

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