The Hot Topic: What we can do about Global Warming

Part 1:
The Assignment: Annotating Your Book
For your summer reading assignment, you will annotate at least 50 entries from your book as you read. Annotation encourages close reading and keeps students engaged in a text by having them record their thoughts during the reading process. To annotate a text, write meaningful questions, comments, and observations on the annotation sheets provided. These annotations will be submitted to your English teacher. You must type your annotations and save them all in a single word or Google document.
Part 2:
Write a 20 line poem that sums up the message you learned from the book you chose.
Final requirements:
• Word Document or Google Doc and submitted through Turnitin
• Margins : 1-inch (all around)
• Font size & type: Times New Roman, 12-pt font
• Double spaced
• Do not plagiarize
• Last day for submission is September 9th


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