The Impact of Diabetes: Qualitative Research

TASK A: Qualitative Research

Research Browne, JL, Ventura, A, Mosely, K, & Speight, J 2014, “‘I’m not a druggie, I’m just a diabetic’: A qualitative study of stigma from the perspective of adults with type 1 diabetes”, BMJ Open, vol. 4, pp. 1–10, retrieved 3 August 2015, , doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-005625

Using the skills you developed in Topic 2, locate the journal article referenced above. Please read this article carefully before answering the following questions:

1. Name the specific method of data collection used to explore the perceptions and experiences of diabetes-related stigma from the perspective of adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus [T1DM]. (5 marks)

2. Based on the description of the methodology used please indicate the type of qualitative study design employed in this study and briefly justify your selection. (6 marks)

3. Using bullet points briefly summarise the analysis process outlined in the section ‘Transcription and analysis’. (Remember to paraphrase this information in your own words so as to demonstrate your understanding—direct quotes are not appropriate for this assignment). (4 marks)

4. Please refer to the sections ‘Evidence of diabetes-related stigma’, ‘Sources of stigma’, and ‘Consequences of stigma’ which each outline the broad themes across which responses of participants are categorised. Imagine you are responsible for coding some of the data collected. For each of the following statements please identify which theme the statement most appropriately fits into:

i. “I just need to remind myself that maybe they don’t know the difference? It’s just tiring being constantly compared to that stereotype”

ii. “I’ve always felt the need to hide it until I knew that I could trust that individual, that somehow it’s a source of weakness”

iii. “I find that a lot of people like to think of you as being the culprit, that you’ve brought this upon yourself”

iv. “I can’t help but blame the news media’s portrayal of diabetes; the sensationalist headlines, the lack of differentiation, the inaccuracy of their reporting”

(8 marks)

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