The last lecture and the giver

choose any two characters or people from the books (The Last Lecture and The Giver) to compare. You should choose the two characters or people from two separate books; in other words, do not compare characters or people from the same book.

Your comparison should focus on the career/vocation of the characters that you have chosen. In your comparison, consider the following:

What kind of work do they do?
Do they find fulfillment in their work?
What role does work play in their lives?
Are there family or relationship conflicts concerning their work? If so, how do the characters handle these conflicts?
Does their occupation shape their lives or it is merely necessary for survival?
Do they approach their work differently or in the same way?
How important is their choice or work/vocation to them?
Does their choice of work cause friction with others? How and why?
How does their choice of work affect their communities, their families, and their personal and spiritual lives?


750 – 1000 words
MLA or APA formatting (follow the formatting rules carefully and do not mix)
Good essay structure
Clearly discernible thesis statement
Maturity of thought and expression, including grammar, spelling, and other issues of mechanical correctness
Do not use first (I, me, my, we, our, etc.) person or second (you, your, yours) person pronouns. Use formal tone and language as appropriate for academic papers.


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