The North anthology

Essay format with thesis and support from the text–meaning use of quotes and
Use a separate page to include the title, your name and date
Create a title that states your thesis or a shortened form of your thesis.
(Creating theses stamens can be found in the folder on bb9 content page
entitled Writing Literary Essay Papers, 1st item
Summary of text should be no more than 4 lines at most.
DO NOT USE LONG QUOTES from the text. A general rule is
that for every quoted or paraphrased line, you need an equal number of your
own lines of thought on those you are quoting or paraphrasing.
MLA format: In-text citation –meaning ! use author’s last name, line numbers and
page numbers in. parenthesis.
Works Cited page –full citation of source or sources used & is separate from text ( and
does not count as one of the 2 or 3 pages of writing that is required.
No criteria for number of references

An interpretive paper is one in which you interpret a piece of literature by way of developing an angle of reading that enables readers to see the text beyond its basic plot/story line. For example, some suggestions are below:
1. If you are taking a rhetorical position (looking at how the text is written to provide meaning) you address literary motifs . For example the nature IMAGES in Shakespeare. Then you might determine why these nature images are used in connection with the object, or person, or subject the speaker or writer is using it for. For example Shakespeare uses nature images for love. Why? The answer to this question might be your thesis/ argument. Other literary motifs are:
–SONNET TURNS (does the turn reveal a different nature image, why?)
–IRONY (how does irony work to reveal a truth?)
–PARODY (making a spoof on some traditional genre or format or action, like courting)
–CONCEIT (comparing two very dissimilar objects and piling up these images into
long extended analogies.). You might explore how using a particular kind of conceit tells us something about how either the speaker thinks about a topic or whether he or she is exploring how others think about the subject. Or is the conceit simply a way of showcasing verbal wit? Which is more plausible?
2. If you are taking a feminist angle/perspective, you address issues concerning women in the text. Your thesis might argue that an author destabilizes the concept/idea of women’s power in the text.
3. If you are taking a psychological angle/perspective, you address internal issues of a character. Your thesis might make a claim/argument for some action/actions of a character as a result of some internal state.
4. If you are taking a historical angle/perspective, you address issues of historical importance for that period. Your thesis might argue for the importance of this historical element in the story. Answering why it is important would be your thesis.
5. If you are taking a Critical (Marxist) perspective you would address any social, economic, or political practices that involve control or oppression of others. Your thesis might claim that the practice of religion is a way of controlling and oppressing the lower classes.
Whatever idea or concept you want to address, think about the angle/perspective you are taking to explore that idea:
1. Write down your topic idea, what you want to write about. And write down the perspective/angle you plan on taking.
Ex: Let’s say you want to compare and contrast the women in a story. You might take a feminist perspective, addressing how these women’s power is marginalized differently. Your thesis might claim that even with all these difference in power, they all reveal the limited power women held.
Or let’s say you want to take a psychological perspective, claiming that in the story, the male characters’ internal struggles with their own lack of confidence leads them to be easily manipulated by women.


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