The Office

Purposes of Assignment
 Demonstrate how contextual factors contribute to the social construction of messages
 Apply fitting framework(s)
 Hone analytical ability
 Display critical thinking skills via making and supporting a critical claim

Paper Description
A five-page, rhetorical, critical analysis using one or more of the frameworks covered in class resulting in a critical claim rising from the analysis of a text, supported by fitting evidence including work you read on your own.

Title Page fitting APA style including Catchy Title: Explanatory Title
Five-to-seven-page paper
Double-space, with no extra space between paragraphs
Align left, one inch margins all around
Times New Roman or Garamond, size 12
First line of each paragraph indented ½ inch
Source list follows APA guidelines and includes:
Chapter(s) from Sillars and Gronbeck
Four (4) critical, rhetorical, interpretive academic essays
Three to five sources, including popular press, that contribute to contextualization
Essay structure fitting a 309 paper as described by Sillars and Gronbeck
Headings as needed (see APA handbook for rules)


The link below is the topic selected for this paper. It is an academic article.
I suggested the claim of the paper to apply how the article (describing the t.v. show The Office) can be applied to real life scenarios using contextualization and by identifying different themes presented in the article.
In the paper, you will need to describe how the literature is contextualized as well as identifying different frameworks presented in the article.


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