The Price of Inequality

The book being reviewed:
3. The Price of Inequality: How Todays Divided Society Endangers our Future, Joseph Stiglitz, 2013

Instructions for the Book Review

The book review should be typed, double spaced, fully checked for grammar and spelling, and between 4 and 5 pages, but no longer.

The book review should address the following questions:

1. What was the author’s point in writing the book?

2. Did the author have an ideological agenda?

3. Did the author present arguments that seem strong or arguments that seem unbelievable?

4. Do you fundamentally feel the author is correct or incorrect in their assessments?

5. Do you feel the author’s observations and prescriptions for the future are in everyone’s best interest? Are they only in the interest of select groups?

6. What did you learn from the book that you had not known or thought of before?

7. Why should other people read this book?


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