The quality of training and service in a small cafe compare to a 5 star rating hotel

This literature review assists in the development of a research framework for understanding and interpreting the research issue you are investigating. You will undertake a review of literature of published academic research (minimum 12 references, of which 8 must be academic journal articles) and offer an explanation of the ideas and concepts you will use in your study. Given the focus of this course on Research Methods a substantial amount of marks
are attributed to reviewing the methods used in the articles you are reviewing.

You must demonstrate familiarity with a body of knowledge, show that you understand prior research and the methods used, and synthesize the literature reviewed concisely, coherently and clearly. Additionally, you must offer critique and/or insight to the materials you have reviewed. This assignment provides an opportunity for you to explore and focus on a topic relevant to your service industry and which can be viable for future research.

Background to Study
Review area 1
Review area 2
Review area 3
Review of Research Methods


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