the relationship between age, race/ethnicity, and crime

Final Paper Assignment:
Using weeks 1-5, design a realistic study to assess the relationship between age, race/ethnicity, and crime. Include in your paper, a definition of the dependent and independent variable and how you would operationalize them. Then, indicate what methodology your research would employ, describing what types of data, sampling and measurements you would use as well as the justifications for these selections. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your design and how does it build upon the empirical literature to date? Finally, what do you expect to find?

Paper to write:
Look at your final paper assignment in Week 5. I want you to figure out your research question and write your background research/literature review. I have given the final paper requirements for you to go off of since this paper is requiring you to know about the final paper in order to complete this paper.

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