the relationships between this Final Synthesis paper

The paper draws conclusions and makes recommendations based on the insights discovered in papers 1-4. Provides an overall integration of the previous 4 papers, and explains the relationships between this Final Synthesis paper. Summary, conclusions and recommendations
Offers recommendations, as appropriate, to advance the nature of the research. Draws and states conclusions.
1.Title Page. The title should be descriptive and suggest the paper’s purpose
2.Table of Contents
3.Contain an introduction, body of paper, and conclusion.
5.Reference List
6.If more than one Table, a List of Tables Page follows the Table of Contents
7.If more than one Figure, a List of Figures Page follows the Table of Contents or the List of Tables Page
•a. Blank page
•b. Executive Summary
•c. Title Page
•d. Table of Contents
•e. List of Tables
•f. List of Figures
•g. The Text
•h. References

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