The Research Essay

A main focus of this course is the Research Essay. The Research Essay should focus on one or more poems, short stories, plays, or other literary works. There are many possible ways to approach the Research Essay, provided these important criteria are met:

1) the essay must be argumentative, centered on some aspect of the work(s) you have chosen;
2) the essay must be overwhelmingly original: that is, it mainly reflects your ideas, analysis, thoughts, feelings, or understanding of the literary work(s) being written about;
3) the essay should involve the work of an author included in Madden’s Exploring Literature;
4) the essay should incorporate research from a minimum of five sources, three of which should be print (books, journals, etc.) or electronic versions of print material available in electronic form through the BCC library’s databases.

Your Research Essay may be an expansion of your 1st or 2nd 3-page essay, although it doesn’t have to be. If you take this approach, you may use the same topic (the works you are writing about) and thesis, and change it into the Research Essay by now going and doing the research, mainly into what literary critics and scholars have had to say about the work(s) you are writing about.


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