Question Term Paper Advice Each student must prepare a formal 15-20 (min-max) pageresearch report paper on a topic of your choice related to purchasing or supply management. Specific topics must be approved during Module 1 of the course. The report topic should be submitted this first week and should relate to the course material as presented in the text. Select one of the general topics from the excellent course text and narrow the topic to a specific area of logistics related to purchasing and supply. Submit your chosen topic in the Module #1 Assignment Activity 1.6. ***** In your topic selection submission present a brief review of your topic state how it relates to purchasing and provide a specific research question to guide your searchfor information and data. Remember that the report is to be a formal review of the literature not an essay advocacy paper or personal account. Your task for the course report is to describe what others have written about the topic you select. A concrete specific real research question is required. Do not omit it! You will prepare the paper according to the APA style and format using Times New Roman 12 point font double spacing one inch margins on all sides APA style sections headings a cover page and a separate page listing all reference sources in APA format using double spacing hanging indent and following all APA rules for references. Every reference source listed should be cited within the report using the APA format and only listed sources should be cited.The APA Publication Manual6 th ed. contains the ultimate directions. There is a template for an APA formatted paper in my discussion Introduction and in the previous announcement along with some tips and rules about APA references and citations.Look over that resource. The final Term Paper will be evaluated according to the grading rubric shown below. Review it carefully and compare your final paper to the rubric to ensure it complies with each element of the assignment. LGMT 536 Course Report Grading Rubric GradingCriteria Possible Points Earned Points — Wrote an APA formatted 15-20 page paper plus title page and references pages. 10 — Selected a logistics topic focused by a clear research questionabout which to write a formal review of the literature. 10 — Reviewed the contents of the articles in a coherent narrative integrating the findings of the research and highlighting differences in results among and between articles. 30 — Content of the literature review demonstrated critical thinking and exhibited appropriate judgments conclusions and assessment based on evaluation and synthesis of data and information. The main points of the paper were developed clearly. Supportive arguments were logical. Content was appropriate to the assignment interesting accurate and concise. 30 — Cited at least eight recent (within 5 years) journal articles from peer reviewed scholarly journals and listed those sources in a correctly formatted Reference listing. 10 — Graduate level composition correct grammar and spelling. Limited use of direct quotes and did not copy material from sources without attribution. 10 — Total Points 100 Class During upcoming Module #3 you will submit a draft outline of your proposed research report (Activity 3.5). Here are some guidelines for the outline and some tips for the final report. Outline Format * Begin with a cover page containing the elements noted in the APA Publication Manual (6 th ed.). On page 41 there is an example. There is also an example and template for your use in these announcements and attached to my introduction in the discussion area. You may use the same style cover page for this outline and for your formal report. * Write a paragraph identifying the main topic of the report and state the research question clearly and specifically as a question. Identify the question as your research question. * List the main sections of the report accompanied by a sentence or two describing the expected content for each section. You will certainly have an introduction (remember that in the APA format there is no heading used for the introduction section.). It is likely your report will contain several other sections to logically organize your topic. Use headings to identify those sections. And the report will conclude with a summary or conclusion section where the research question will be restated and the answers provided too. * On a separate page list at least four sources you anticipate using in your report. List the references in correct APA format on the References page. The final report will contain at least eight reference sources. Save the outline submission to a Word file and submit to the assignment folder. Name the Word file in standard format: your last name LGMT 536 Activity 3.5.docx Tips for the Formal Report * Clearly state the research question in the abstract and summarize the answers. Look at page 26 in the APA Manual for directions about the very special format for abstracts. For example the first line of the abstract is not indented and the abstract should NOT be written as an introduction. It should be more like an executive summary. * State the research question again in the introduction to the paper. Identify the research question as such. Finally restate the research question in the conclusion and provide a summary of the answers derived from the data and information contained in the journal articles you reviewed. (You can assume from these directions that I take statement of the research question very seriously for this paper.) * Remember that the report is to be a research report which means use of information from the literature to support the facts you will state. Cite a reference source for every statement of fact you write. Do not write a personal essay an opinion piece an advocacy paper or a how-to paper. Review articles from the literature and reflect what other researchers have discovered about your topic. You can see the writing style of a literature review in most journal articles as they will usually contain a section labeled as the literature review. * Avoid using articles from newspapers blogs and online promotional material. Use respected sources such as scholarly journals trade magazines and reputable business magazines. Sources should be published from within the past five years. At least eight credible sources are required. * Avoid including quoted material in your report. Write in your own words and provide a reference citation to indicate where the facts were found. Do not quote from online sources and do not copy any material into your report. Just write in your own words. * Avoid using the pronouns: you your we our and us in academic writing. The readers of your paper may not wish to be so closely involved in your topic or your comments. Edit out those pronouns and rephrase the sentences to eliminate the use of second person pronouns. * Double space everything use one-inch margins on all sides place page numbers in a header at the top right include a cover page and write an abstract on a separate page (note that the abstract is NOT an introduction it is a concise summary of the research). Indent the first line of each paragraph double space only and put the reference list on a separate page at the end of the report. * Double space the reference list do not add extra space between entries and apply a hanging indent to each entry. Check entries for correct entry of authors? names use of the ampersand correct capitalization of article titles and use of italics for publications and the volume number of journal articles. Enter sources in alphabetical order and ensure that the names in the citations match the listed reference name entries exactly. * Follow the APA format rules to number label and cite all graphics tables figures or lists you use in your report. If in doubt about the format to use follow the directions in the APA Publication Manual. The Research Report Draft is due this week — Useful Tips. Class here are some basic writing tips for academic reports. Apply these suggestions to the draft research report which is due this week. Look over the APA Checklist presented earlier in these Announcements for insight into common errors in reference lists. Use the report template example to help you format your paper. Remember that the paper is to be a formal review of research literature on your topic. It is NOTto be an essay how-to report or opinion paper. State your research question clearly and then summarize synthesize and describe what other researchers have discovered about your topic. The research question represents ten points in your paper: do NOT omit the research question as a stand-alone concrete statement of the question. 1.Avoid using the pronouns: you your we ouror usin academic writing. The reader may not wish to be so closely associated with the topic or comments made in the paper. . Do not say:”When you are a manager you should try to lead your team as directly as possible.” Or We in the USA have become accustom to use of the Internet for preliminary identification of our suppliers. Insteadmodify the statement to active voice without the second person pronouns. “Managers should lead their teams as directly as possible.” Or “When one is a manager he or she should lead their team as directly as possible.” Or In the USA the Internet is widely used to identify suppliers for preliminary consideration. 2.When writing an academic report do NOT string together direct quotes to form the narrative. Include only a very few direct quotes in the report. Translate the information you find into your own words and provide a reference citation for every statement of fact presented in the report. More than three brief quotes will be too many for most papers. However do not cut and paste ANYTHING from reference sources without applying quote marks and a complete citation showing the actual source. Follow the APA format rules found in the APA Publication Manualfor the citations and the reference list. Most automated reference generators do not meet the criteria for correct entries in APA format. All citations must have the author’s name or source article title followed by a year or n.d. if a date is not given. (Jones 2012) or (Jones n.d.). If ANY verifiable information from an outside source (including the textbook) is included in the writing the citation must include either the page number or paragraph number (which are counted manually) to show where it can be found. This includes dates claims (like being the #1 company in its field) numbers names places lists and any quoted material etc. For example (Jones 2012 p.12). Use p. xx for single pages and pp. xx-yy for multiple pages. Note: Use ONLY the author’s last name in a citation. Do not include the initials. (Jones S.) is notappropriate. . Do NOT use the term “According to our textbook”. The paper may be read by others who are not involved in the same course. Be exact and consider the paper to be permanent. It may be read out of context in years to come. The proper approach is to say something like: “According to Monczka Handfield Giunipero and Patterson (2011)”. Use “and” between the authors’ names when the names are listed outside of the parentheses and use the ampersand “&” when the names are within the parentheses. (Monczka Handfield Giunipero & Patterson 2011). After the first full citation use (Monczka et al. 2011). . 5. Follow the APA format. Double space everything but only double space: do not add extra line spaces between sections headings or reference entries. Left justify use 12-point font (Times New Roman) indent the first lines of paragraphs one-half inch and set all margins to one inch. Always include a cover page with the paper title your name and the date. Include page numbering in a header at the top right. If the report includes an Abstract remember that it is to be a concise summary of the paper not an introduction. It should state the topic the research question and indicate the answer to the research question. The Abstract does not take the place of the introduction. Note:the first line of the abstract is not indented. Narrative within the paper itself must still tell the reader what the report is about and state the research question clearly. State the research question as a real question in the introduction to the paper. The research question should be repeated in the conclusion of the paper along with the answers to the question. Include an introduction but do not show a heading for the introduction. In the APA format no heading is used for the introduction. List the references on a separate final page. Use the ctrl-enter keys to force a page break at the end of the report conclusion to start a new page for the references. There is no colon used after the word References on the reference page. Double space everything in the reference list but remove any extra space between entries. Apply a hanging indent of one-half inch for each entry. Reference sources should be from within the past five years unless older sources are used for historical reference. Use the APA Publication Manual(6 th ed.) as your ultimate format guide. . NEVER useWikipediaas a reference source in academic or professional writing. Because of its open nature and the intrusion of trolls and others with private agendas who have posted false and misleading data on the site it is considered neither reliable nor valid. If a valid primary source is listed as a link on the Wiki site go to the primary source for the information needed. Do not reference Wikipediain any reports or writing for professional or academic purposes. Start early enough on this draft to avoid computer issues lack of time and high stress later next week. Give yourself time to review and edit the paper before you submit it. PS: ABOVE ARE ALL THE GUIDELINES. FOLLOW MY OUTLINE THAT I WILL UPLOAD AND MAKE CHANGES IF NECESSARY.

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