The United States and the Cold War(1945-1953)

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Ch.23, The United States and the Cold War(1945-1953)

  1. What major ideological conflicts, security interests, and events brought about the Cold War? (Origins of the Cold War)


Ch. 24, An Affluent Society (1953-1960)

  1. Explain the meaning and causes of the “American Standard of Living” during the 1950s. Describe how the automobile transformed American communities and culture in the 1950s.(The Golden Age)


Ch. 25, The Sixties (1960-1968)

  1. Following the Civil Rights Movement for African Americans, what new movements for social change happened in the 1960s? What role did the Supreme Court play in the Rights Revolution?(The New Movements and the Rights Revolution)


Ch. 26, The Triumph of Conservatism (1969-1988)

  1. What were the chiefdomestic policies and foreign policies of Ronald Reagan’s presidency? (The Reagan Revolution)


Ch.27, Globalization and its Discontents (1989-2000)

  1. What cultural conflicts emerged in the 1990s? (Culture Wars)

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