The worlds oceans

The world’s oceans
Project description
a) the world’s oceans Within these topics are enormous possibilities. You must choose a specific argument to make. You can choose ANY topic that appeals to you—but it must relate to these subject areas. Here are some possibilities to show you how focused your essay must be. Notice that each topic is posed as a question, so that your essay is your answer to the question. 1. Should whaling be made illegal? 2. Should the United States ban plastic bags? 3. Are electric cars a good solution to oil consumption in the United States? 4. Shuld GMO foods be banned in the United States? 5. Should strawberry farmers stop using pesticides? Feel free to use all the resources gathered in our course wiki pages. Feel free to email me with your topic to review it before you get started. These quarter we read the book and the pages:
1.pages 1-36 (Thoreau’s writings) in American Earth
2. pages 265-94 (Leopold’s writing) in American Earth.
3.Jacobs, Carson, and Baker in American Earth (pages 359-79).
4.Abbey and Ehrlich, pages 413-434 in American Earth.
5.which are all in American Earth, pages 469-500.
6.American Earth, pages 570-591 (Momaday, Silko) and pages 659-671 (Walker)
American Earth (AE), pages 690-696 (Chavez) and pages 849-855 (Anthony/Soule) and pages 920-929 (DeWitt)
7.Steingraber (929-938) and Kingsolver (938-947)
our book is American Earth, edited by McKibben

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