Thematic Poetic Analysis

For essay three you perform an eight page thematic analysis over a collection of poems by the same author. I recommend that you use an author that we study in class; however, you may choose whatever poet you wish so long as you get your choice approved by me. The deadline for choosing a poet not addressed in class is Friday, April 4th. Your choice of poet must be accompanied by a list of the poems you wish to use for your essay.
For a thematic analysis you will use at least three poems by your chosen poet to illustrate their focus on a particular theme, or two themes working together, and thereby reveal a new way of looking at the poet’s work. Your conclusions must be supported by at least three scholarly secondary sources, and you will be allowed to use up to two block quotes of no more than five lines each.
The rough draft will consist of a three page draft accompanied by a three column analysis for each poem you wish to use that was not discussed in class. The rough draft must be submitted in class and must be stapled.


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