Theories     Part 1
Select one of the grand nursing theorists which is of interest to you and evaluate the information available about the model and the theorist to address the following questions: Please write about Florence Nightingale.
1. What in the background of the theorist as a nursing scholar might have prompted her to develop the theory?
2. What are the central values and beliefs set forth by the theorist?
3. Which of the four metaparadigm concepts are included in the model?
4. Discuss the adequacy of the model. Did you think it was useful and in what area would you be more apt to use this model or theory in? Administration, education or practice? Part 2
1. In response to the IOM report explain how nursing theory can support the recommendations for the future of nursing. Please write half a page for each part and 3 references for each part meaning part 1 and part 2. Also the citations put them in the beginning or the end of the author quote not all of them together at the end.

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