Thermal Power Cycles, H3053,

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Introduction This exercise consists of creating a simulation tool for a few basic gas turbine engine cycles. You are to use your simulation tool to investigate the behaviour of gas turbine engines, and answer some questions with regards to each simulation you carry out. The simulation tool can be created in Excel or Matlab (or any other software that is free or accessible at the University). The simulation tool you provide, will be used as a teaching aid in the Thermal Power Cycles module next year, so I am your client, and your end users will be your fellow mechanical engineers. Consequently, you should pay special attention to the ease of use of your simulation tool. You should aim to make the tool as self-explanatory as possible, so that a potential future student can pick it up with some minor knowledge of gas turbine engines, and a basic understanding of Excel or Matlab—without having to read a complicated manual to operate your tool. The layout and functionality of the tool is entirely up to you, but note that the marking scheme awards points for the ease of use and clarity of your tool. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. As this report is 30% of your overall module mark, you should schedule roughly one working week to do it. The recommended word limit is 3000 words. Your final submission is two-fold: 1. Provide a report that answers all of the questions in this document. The layout of the report is up to you, but please ensure you read the marking scheme so you know what to address in your report. 2. Please provide a CD/DVD with the simulation tool, and a brief set of instructions on how to use the tool (if needed). 2 Part 1: Questions [Total Marks = 20] The first task of this report is to simulate and investigate the behaviour of an ideal simple gas turbine cycle.

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