thin walled steel pipe is used to transport saturated

Question A 0.20-m-diameter thin walled steel pipe is used to transport saturated steam at a pressure of 20 bars (Tsat= 486 K) in a room for which the temperature is 25oC and the convection heat transfer coefficient at the outer surface of the pipe is 20 W/m2-K. (a) What is the heat loss per unit length from the bare pipe (no insulation)? Estimate the heat loss per unit length if a 50-mm-thick layer of insulation (magnesia with k = 0.058 W/m-K) is added. The steel and magnesia may each be assumed to have an emissivity of 0.8 and the steam-side convection resistance may be neglected. (b) The costs associated with generating the steam and installing the insulation are known to be $4/109J and $100/m of pipe length respectively. If the steam line is to operate 7500 h/yr how many years are needed to pay back the initial investment in insulation?

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