Question Discussion Forum 4: Donatello and Humanism In Discussion Forum 4 post your response to the following discussion assignment. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the course Calendar. Donatello’s sculptures of David and Mary Magdalene are full expressions and examples of Humanism. With these two works Donatello raises the bar of excellence of Classical sculpture emulating but not imitating antiquity; with his work we enter the world of modern statuary. Discuss expand explain agree or disagree. Once you have completed your posting choose at least one other posting from another student and review and respond to his or her answer. Look first for postings that do not have any responses to them and give first priority to those postings. In your review/response consider how your classmate has used the concepts of transformation and continuity as well as other ideas and language that Soltes puts forth. After that reply briefly and politely to any classmate who has reviewed and responded to your initial posting.

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