Three Minute Elevator Pitch and 1 page Summary

You will produce a three minute video recording and a one page summary of the key points covered for submission.

The video recording will be an “Elevator Pitch”. An “Elevator Pitch” is a concise, carefully planned, and well-practiced message, in this assignment it is about the importance of HRM to business success. It should contain a “hook” to interest the listener and have a clear structure. The recording should be a maximum of 3 minutes; and contain a follow up request for a future meeting.

The purpose of this assignment is to:

To convince a CEO that HRM is crucial to organisational success, in just 3 minutes.

The Situation:

You are in the elevator of the 43-storey office building you work in. you are alone, until Michael Mahoney the CEO of Fastway Internet Service Provider, joins you. Michael does not know your name, but recognises your face from the Fastway HR team. He smiles at you and asks, “So what can HRM do to support Fastway’s strategy?” you know this is your opportunity to persuade Michael of the importance of HR for the success of Fastway.

The strategy at Fastway is to make it simple for everyone to connect to the Internet. They have a vision to lead the market and be a leader in customer service. Fastway employees more than 1500 staff, across four countries most of who are employed to directly service almost 700,000 customers with more than 1.25 million internet services in the Asia Pacific region.

  1. Identify Goals (4 main goals)
  • What you intend to do?
  • Why does the company need to do that?
  • How to manage it for the next 10 years?
  1. Key themes (1500 staff to manage)
  2. Explain how HRM supports the Fastway’s goals


*Use words like “In the latest review…”, “Harvard Business shows….”, “Whose report proved that….”

*Use Times New Roman, 11 points, 1.5 spacing, 15 references


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