Topic: Assigenment 1

Order Description use only the two references which are:
• Textbooks Required:
1. Koenig, K. L. (2011). Koenig and Schultz’s Disaster medicine, comprehensive principles and practice. Cambridge, Cambridge Univ Pr. (available electronically in Phila U digital library or in hard copy Also available for Kindle and Kobo)
2. Ciottone, G. R (2006). Anderson P. D., Auf Der Heide E., Darling R. G., Jacoby I., Noji E. and Suner S. (Eds.), Disaster Medicine. Philadelphia, PA.: Mosby Elsevier.
To access the first two books, you can also see the Library’s DMM Research Guide: –Just select the Books tab.
– Please note that if these links are working you can get them online.
• 2- Readings Assignments
Book Chapters
• Ciottone Ch 7 – Children and Disaster
• Ciottone Ch 43 – Triage
• Ciottone Ch 44 – Patient Tracking Systems
• Koenig Ch 3 – Surge Capacity

– 3- You can be creative to give some examples from the world; especially my country Saudi Arabia.
– 4- I NEED A L LONG PARAGRAPH ( NOT VERY LONG) TO ANSWER these two questions and to be guided ONLY by the two references I’ve mentioned BUT please use your own language when you express that I mean not only to take the information as it is. The two questions are:
– 1. What are some issues regarding the concept of triage and its implications? Is the practice defensible all the time? In other words, how does the concept of ethics play a role in that function? 2. What is different about triage in children? Consider physical, physiologic and emotional issues in your response. Restrict your discussion to parameters important during disaster triage.
– Waiting for great work and if so I’ll send you the best evaluation and be with you next week for the next assignments BUT please follow the instructions very carefully.

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