Topic: Reliability and diagnostic accuracy of empty can test

Topic: Reliability and diagnostic accuracy of empty can test Order Description PHYSIOTHERAPY Guidelines The form has 6 sections; 1.    Section 1    Was a specific patient group identified that relates to the chosen test(s)?
In this section you should attempt to relate the test to your client/patient group. What are the symptoms/problems that these patients would present with? Does the test(s) measure these, or some of these. Have you developed an argument to support the use of the test(s) for these patients based on these points? Does it relate to SIJ, hip, foot/ankle, cervical spine or shoulder complex? Section 2    In this section you further develop the use of your chosen test(s). Was it clear how the test(s) informs clinical decision making? In this section you should discuss aspects of the test(s) with regard to validity, sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios and utility Section 3    . What studies have been done to look at this test(s)? How was the evidence in terms of currency, quality and how much evidence is evaluating a test(s) you need around 4-6 papers Section 4    In this section you should briefly discuss a few papers that you would include within the main body of your assignment. This will give a indication of the expected quality of your literature review. Try to choose the most relevant papers that you have found so far and comment on the quality of the papers with respect to design, population, etc. The critical appraisal tools that you have should help with this. Try and evaluate at least 2 papers. Section 5    In this section you should identify any problems/issues or anticipated problems/issues with the completion of your presentation. This should not really relate to the mechanics of preparing the presentation  It should be more to do with the quality of the review (e.g. number of relevant articles, use of the tool for your chosen group in research. The tool may be widely used clinically but there may be a dearth of good quality research studies, etc.) Section 6    This section is mainly for the other members of the group to add comments that have not been anticipated although you can also add comments here.

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