Traditional America foods belie the culture of the many immigrant groups that settled in the US.

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To begin this discussion, select a food that is a tradition at one of your family Thanksgivings or another celebration such as New Years or the Fourth of July or some other event that is important to your family.

The food should be an item  that if you had this meal without it, the meal would just not seem “complete”.  The food may not necessarily be what is considered part of a traditional American holiday.  For example, my grandparents were from Germany and sweet and sour red cabbage was always on the menu for Christmas at my grandmother’s  house.

As a result, sweet and sour red cabbage has been a staple on holiday menus for many years.  If your family does not serve anything that you would consider “out of the ordinary”, then select something that is a must for the meal to be complete.

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