Traffic at my university


How many person face a traffic every day when their come to their classes?The traffic in the parking make the person nervous. Today I would like to tell you about the traffic in csun like staying for a while to park, because being late is a huge problem, student and professors are late for their classes and the people how live close from csun.
Staying for hours to find a place to park is a big problem in our society, especially searching in csun. Today the student who have a car staying for 45 minutes before the first class because there are 5000 student in csun including freshman that is not for who have car also who come by bike he did not have a place to park,also if they have a place mabee they will fined a place far from his class so they will walk for 15 minutes. That effect the student the will be late and the will have a low grade because they are missing the nots and they will not understand the subject, for example I was with may roommate going to our class and we stayed for one hour and also he buy a ticket for the all semester and that is not fair .
Then, the doctors are very important to be on time in class because the student need to learn from them. The doctors face a traffic when they are coming to class because their are new professors. I know that there are a parking just for doctors but it is less than the doctors
then doctors they will be late for their class that will effect the student because he will learn them fast because there is not enough time, student will not have enough information and learn good and they will misunderstanding the subject and they will not do good in the test.
For example that I have final test and the doctor was late 30 minutes. and the class just hour

and a half and the test was take hour and half and it was the last to days in the school.
third, there are some people are living close from csun and most of them are not student they have a job in a far places every day the have a problem when he want to go to there work because of the traffic in csun and there is no place to park the people are parking in close houses from csun, so they get annoying from this people who park in their parking and the will get late to go to there work for example my friend live close from csun and every day he nervous from the people who park in his house, in one day his roommate cut his finger well he was cooking and his finger was bloodying and my friend must take it now to the hospital put when he want to took hem by his car he sow tow cars were parking behind he’s car then he traded to called the umpulanc when they were coming the late for 15 minutes because its very crowded in the university area .
Fourth, the government and the companies and the public places they do not know what to do for the people the put a lot of places like a building with three or five floors and also a out parking to park and the people are coming more than more in the first two years the parking can fit all the cars but when the place are being fanous the people will increase and come because the people who were coming tell the other people to come.
Finally, I will talk about myself I tried to go by car on time with my roommate and we stayed 20 minutes waiting to fined a place to park. Everyday I come to my classes walking and my apartment is not far just walk 30 minutes and I get out before 40 minutes to be there befor the class of 10 minutes
In conclusion, student, teachers and the people who lived close from the camps have effect from the traffic by coming and goes from the camps late. Traffic is a serious problem in the school live .so we need to work hard to get ride from that problem by doing all the possible things like make more places to park, make a special parking for the students or if scun have another solution we hope to see this solution s soon as possible.

I did two papers essay in my english class and I want you to edit and revise and paraphrase it and also complete my ideas to be four pages, but please I want it simple words because I am international and no plagiarism.

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