Training and Development; Training and Development; Training and development

Highvalue and low uniqueness Lowvalue and low uniqueness Highuniqueness and low value Highvalue and high uniqueness; Please utilize APA formatting when you turn in this project -you can review the template in doc-sharing for an example of theproper use of APA formatting – and the syllabus also has a link tothe APA handbook. Further, you can utilize the Smarthinking tutorsource (under Course Home) and request assistance on your papersthis term. I recommend it! In your Week 1 submission, include this information. Answeringthese questions will help you tailor this into something specific.Then, throughout the entire term, your project should apply to THISparticular training project. 1. The name of the company your training will be used in (real orfictional) 2. A bit about what the company does… 3. In what department will the training be used? 4. Which employees will attend 5. Who will be involved in creating the training? (title ofperson) 6. Who will provide the training? 7. What is the MAIN purpose – goal – and problem you are solvingwith the training? (i.e. the “Gap”) Total points for the assignment: 50 points (42 points for answeringthe 7 questions; 4 points for using proper APA formatting and 4points for your resource/reference!) Use ONE resource this week – and cite it properly as part of yourAPA formatting. (If nothing else, cite the textbook and use it as areference…but I recommend you use something about your companyyou will use for training, if possible.); Assume you have been hired as a training consultant by a medium sized technology company. Your client company has asked you to develop and make a presentation for an employee training and career development program. The majority of the company’s employees are entry level programmers and developers and help desk technicians, but they also employ administrators and administrative assistants. The client company is looking for a training program which can be used for all of their employees. The goal of the training program is to introduce the new employees to the company, their culture, their product offerings and the company’s expectations. The training should also re-familiarize veteran employees to the company’s mission to create a sense of excitement towards carrying out the vision.; ; Use the Training Program Design worksheet which is located in the Doc Sharing area to design your training program.; After you have completed the Training Design Worksheet, use that information as a guide to develop a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation to present your training ideas to the client company. Make sure to include detailed speaker’s notes which provide adequate information on what you would say to your client if you were presenting this information in person. Incorporate at least three references to support the positions being presented. Apply APA standards for writing style to your work. Submit the PowerPoint presentation for grading.; Your PowerPoint presentation should include a title slide, a reference slide and address each of the following elements:;

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